• Group Benefits

We provide companies with a complete analysis of employee and corporate benefits. These include, but are not limited to:

Medical Insurance- Fully Insured and Self Insured

1. Dental.
2. Life.
3. Disability.
4. Long Term Care.
5. Flexible Spending Accounts.
6. Health Advocate Services.

  • We structure and design programs to meet company needs. We market plans to the top carriers that cover your industry, and offer semi-annual and year end reviews to optimize savings upon renewal.

1. Executive Benefits.
2. Buy Sell Insurance and Agreements.
3. Key Man Insurance.
4. Business Continuation Planning.
5. Estate Tax Planning.
6. Split Dollar Insurance.
7. Executive Carve Out(s).
8. High Limit Disability Protection.

Individual Insurance
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Long Term Care
Estate Planning
Life Settlement

Entertainers and Athletes
High Limit Life
High Limit Disability
Short Term Movie Protection
Failure to Survive Protection

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